Ian-Donaghy-1-450JM Switchboards include Thermographic diagnostics in their services. Here Ian Donaghy (Electrical Supervisor for JM Switchboards), tests one of the many switchboards designed and constructed by JM Switchboards for the Cleaner Seas Project.Thermography, or Infra-Red Scanning, is a predictive maintenance tool for assisting in the inspection of electrical switchboards.

The information provided by the thermal image, along with the observations of the electrician performing the inspection, can provide valuable information for analysing impending fault conditions as well as assisting in predictive maintenance. Irregularities detected in the thermal image can be load related or due to high resistance in loose or poor connections, or the results of variations in harmonics.

An important element of this service offered by JM Switchboards is the provision of a comprehensive report detailing the faults discovered, recommendations for action and point in time photographs.