JM Switchboards are specialists in design, manufacture and installation of electrical switchboards and pump system requirements. With over 25 years of providing exceptional quality and service, JM Switchboards takes pride in their ability to work closely with customers to deliver highly individualised products and services to meet specific and unique needs. JM Switchboards also provides a variety of commercial and industrial electrical installation and services.

Our Health and Safety objectives are:

  • Provide a supportive safety culture through visible and accountable leadership who hold safety as a core value;
  • Taking appropriate action when people disregard health and safety procedures and practices;
  • Ensuring safe work practices across all our work sites;
  • Complying with current legislation, codes and industry guidelines;
  • Designing safety into our work and work practices to eliminate and control hazards at the earliest possible stage;
  • Ensuring that reported safety related incidents and occurrences are investigated, and that corrective actions are implemented where required;
  • Continually eliminating or minimising hazards;
  • Effective workplace health and safety (WHS) consultation with our workforce, service providers and stakeholders through health and safety committees and other WHS consultative processes;
  • Ensuring health and safety training is available as appropriate; and
  • Allocating adequate and appropriate resources to support all works in the implementation of safe procedures and practices.

Our Health and Management System fully meets the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001.

Our staff believes in these objectives and is committed to these as values. By acting according to these values it is our intent that we shall provide outstanding service to our customers, give our staff a safe and enjoyable workplace and grow our business.

Our management system addresses the following needs:

  • Commitment to health and safety management;
  • Identifying and complying with all relevant legislation and other requirements;
  • Availability of information and resources necessary to support our operation;
  • Selection and training of staff and service providers to maintain our high standards;
  • Continuous Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of our work environment; and
  • Minimising the risk to our workers while at work.

The preparation and ongoing operation of a Health and Safety Management System is as a result of our commitment to the safety of all personnel, both workers and the public; and the continued improvement in its own operations including the interaction between us and our customers, subcontractors and suppliers.