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JM Switchboards are specialists in the provision of tailored design, production, delivery and installation solutions for the electrical switchboard and pump system requirements of commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia, the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea.

With over 20 years of providing exceptional quality and service, JM Switchboards takes pride in their ability to work closely with clients to deliver highly individualised products and services, customised to meet clients' specific and unique requirements. With its products designed and manufactured locally in Cairns, JM Switchboards is a leader in electrical switchboard design, pump systems and pipework for water and sewage industry operations, as well as a variety of commercial and industrial electrical distribution systems.

JM Switchboards is propelled by a highly skilled outcome-driven team of professionals who strive to provide first class service from the start to finish of every project. From the initial design and conception, to post-installation support and maintenance, JM Switchboards is uniquely positioned to meet every aspect of their client needs, including the delivery and installation of systems in rural, regional and remote locations. JM Switchboard products are; innovative, purpose built to suit specific requirements, designed and manufactured to meet the highest safety standards, and above all, high quality.

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